About Me

I’m Brandon Xuereb with Xistence Photography and I’m a Wedding Photographer in New Orleans. I’m originally from New York City, but I moved to New Orleans to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. It’s safe to say I fell in love with New Orleans and never left. I continue to give back to the community by teaching photography to kids with cancer for a non-profit called Pablove. For every couple that books with me, $100 is donated to help underfunded, cutting-edge pediatric cancer research.

I love mornings! I wake up everyday at 6:30am, make coffee, walk the dogs, and start my work for the day. My girlfriend, Hannah and I adopted both our dogs and our fur babies are our best friends. My mom is my biggest inspiration. She taught me the importance of being kind to others and being able to make a difference in people’s lives. Although my mom is not a photographer, she’s a people person and taught me how contagious a smile can be.